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May 16th at 9:00pm                   May 21st at 6:00pm
May 19th at 7:30pm                  May 24th at 9:00pm
May 25th at 4:00pm

Part of the San Diego International Fringe Festival
Performing at No Limits - Lincoln Park

4931 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

On a late summer’s evening in a wildly lush clearing in the middle of the woods, four small-town neighbors gather to tell their best, most fantastical love stories. In the tales they tell, an angel falls in love, a woman searches a desert party full of monsters for her ghost boyfriend, an 80s slasher flick final girl makes the ultimate sacrifice, and small town lovers race to escape a falling sky. We Lovers is a blisteringly beautiful one-act play about cinematic love tales and the way they can bring the most unlikely of people together.

We Lovers is a 50-minute play written by San Diego sensation Christian St. Croix (Monsters of the American Cinema, We Are the Forgotten Beasts, ZACH), directed by Kate Rose Reynolds (Ripped, the upcoming Twelfth Night of the Living Dead), and featuring artists David Hardy (Best of Fest winner, Burbank Comedy Festival), SDSU Theatre student Sascha Parafiniuk (Metamorphosis, Love's Labour's Lost at SDSU), Liliana Talwatte (Proof, Steel Magnolias, Abigail's Party, Witchland with Backyard Renaissance), and Michael Amira Temple (Ripped with Loud Fridge, Chicken and Biscuits, Ordinary People at Oceanside Theatre).

David Hardy

Liliana Talwatte

Sascha Parafiniuk

Amira Temple headshot.jpg

Michael Amira Temple

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