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Loud Fridge Theatre


Loud Fridge Theatre Group is a collective of multi-hyphenate artists who are cooking up diverse stories, fresh ideas, and tasty experiences that can nourish our community. We believe that joyful collaboration informs and expands the creative process. We believe that there is room in our fridge for everyone. And we believe in telling stories that are bold, honest, and diverse - and telling them LOUDLY.


Loud Fridge Theatre Group is here to make a NOISE in the community. 

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Our Mission

Loud Fridge Theatre Group is committed to using the performing arts to make NOISE in the San Diego theatre community, by amplifying voices that have a history of being silenced, by elevating stories that have historically been denied a platform, and by creating an inclusive, intersectional environment for artists and patrons. We are dedicated to the transformative power of theatre, to fostering candid and loving conversations about the role of theatre in our culture, and to making professional theatre accessible to everyone.

Up Next

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Twelfth Night of the Living Dead

By A.J. Schaar

Original Text by William Shakespeare

This is what happens to Shakespeare's original text of Twelfth Night when its heroine, its 'beating heart,' is marauding through it as a ZOMBIE.​

Viola didn’t survive the shipwreck. But she still washes up in Illyria, with a single-minded purpose – brains. A loving massacre of Shakespeare’s masterful comedy, born from the realization that the original text can and does survive as its characters, one by one, turn into zombies. Shakespeare meets creature-feature in this mash-up that promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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