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Up Next - 2024 Season

Viola didn’t survive the shipwreck. But she still washes up in Illyria, with a single-minded purpose – brains. A loving massacre of Shakespeare’s masterful comedy, born from the realization that the original text can and does survive as its characters, one by one, turn into zombies, and that the sheer self-involvement of some characters transcends all need for earthly dialogue, and that one of the characters has, in fact, been swearing revenge for 400 years. Shakespeare meets creature-feature in this mash-up that promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Co-Production with Moxie Theatre

Cleopatra: a flawed yet captivating queen; an intelligent and ambitious leader; a fierce and protective mother. This modern deconstruction of Shakespeare’s classic play combines the original text with modern poetry, film and projection, and choreographed movement to create a fresh and empowering perspective on this iconic figure. Devised and performed by San Diego favorite Joy Yvonne Jones, and directed by Andréa Agosto, Cleopatra celebrates the strength and complexity of one of history’s most powerful women.

SLAY, our POC Burlesque series, is back with 3 new entries!
    - Slay Day - April 2024
     - Eat, Slay, Love - July 2024
     - Children of the Slay - October 2024
We’re also stirring up a brand new ongoing cabaret and variety series at The Jazz Lounge throughout 2024, and returning to the San Diego International Fringe Festival with a world premiere by Christian St. Croix!

Past Shows

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