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All tickets to Twelfth Night of the Living Dead are offered free of charge. Please consider making a donation of any amount to ensure that we can continue to offer free programming while paying our artists.

Twelfth Night of the Living Dead, or, What You Kill

By A.J. Schaar

Original Text by William Shakespeare

Directed by Kate Rose Reynolds

June 21 - July 7, 2024 at the City Heights Performance Annex

This is what happens to Shakespeare's original text of Twelfth Night when its heroine, its 'beating heart,' is marauding through it as a ZOMBIE.

Viola didn’t survive the shipwreck. But she still washes up in Illyria, with a single-minded purpose – brains. A loving massacre of Shakespeare’s masterful comedy, born from the realization that the original text can and does survive as its characters, one by one, turn into zombies, and that the sheer self-involvement of some characters transcends all need for earthly dialogue, and that one of the characters has, in fact, been swearing revenge for 400 years. Shakespeare meets creature-feature in this mash-up that promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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