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Our Story

Loud Fridge Entertainment was founded by Author, Actor, & Producer John Wells III, in 2019 when he sought to produce the San Diego Premiere of the Off-Broadway play, STRAIGHT. 

John did not intend to start a theatre of his own. However, that opportunity was thrust upon him when the publishing house required a company name to obtain the license to produce the play.


As a joke, John offered the first name that came to mind, Loud Fridge Theatre Group, because of the buzzing refrigerator in the background of the sandwich shop in which he was sitting. 

Upon hearing this unconventional company name, the publishing house loved it and immediately granted the rights to produce the play. But, little did John know that this would be the beginning of a multi-branch storytelling company, which he would dedicate to telling marginalized stories truthfully and professionally. 

John believes in being the change he wants to see in the community. In many ways, Loud Fridge Entertainment was born out of the necessity to provide an equitable and equal platform for people from all walks of life to tell their stories. 

During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, John published his first book, The Last Angel Warrior, therefore, expanding the company to include a Publishing house. 

And in 2021, John expanded his business once more to include an educational program where he travels into schools encouraging students to follow their dreams by teaching them actionable goal-setting practices that will help them achieve their goals.

Today, Loud Fridge Entertainment is a storytelling company dedicated to showcasing stories from all walks of life across multiple platforms and telling those stories well. 

Like a buzzing refrigerator, Loud Fridge Entertainment strives to be a constant noise in the community, amplifying marginalized voices and providing them with a platform to share their stories. 

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