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At Loud Fridge Entertainment we are passionate about youth. Loud Fridge Education is dedicated to investing in the futures of our students by developing programs with the sole intention of inspiring students to dream and helping them discover the practical tools to achieve their goals.




Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hinder them from reaching their highest potential. The KALIB Project provides expert advice and impactful motivation for students of all ages to overcome those obstacles, inciting them to not only achieve their goals but exceed them, by practicing the acronym, KALIB: Keep, Aspiring, Learning, Innovating, and Believing! 

The KALIB project aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to your school, using the riveting story of how John Wells III made his dream a reality by publishing his book series, The Kalib Andrews Chronicles. He demonstrates how your students can achieve their dreams by way of goal-setting, hard work, tenacity, and a constant desire to learn. As an esteemed public speaker, author, and former educator, John strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content, and inspiring the next generation to reach their greatest potential. 


normally shy student, stayed behind after the bell. He had a question about an early draft of The Last Angel Warrior, a book that I had written and then shared with the class. He hesitantly asked, "Mr. Wells, can anyone write a book?" 

I admittedly didn't understand the true depth of his question. Without a second thought, I answered, "of course," assuring him that anyone could write a book. 

The student took a moment to process my answer, before returning his gaze, and even more hesitantly, yet somehow more earnestly than I'd ever seen anyone ask a question before, he queried,  “Mr. Wells, even me?”


This was the moment I realized that I had a unique opportunity. This student wasn't simply asking whether or not he could write a book. In his mind, people who accomplish such feats, don't come from ordinary beginnings like his. In a way, he was asking could he be extraordinary. And I was honored that I could be the one to tell him, "yes, especially you.”

I am overjoyed to share this message with anyone who will listen. You "especially" can be extraordinary. This correspondence made me realize that when a student sees someone achieve their goals it inspires them to do the same. It inspires them to believe in themselves. 

The KALIB Project aims to encourage students to reach their greatest potential by actively pursuing their dreams. I plan to describe the obstacles I overcame while on my journey, and I also plan to share the attainable steps I took to achieve my goals.  

The KALIB Project encourages students to dream. While teaching that a dream, written on paper is a goal. A goal with a timeline is a plan. And a plan put into action is the recipe for success. 

I'd love to set up a time to talk and hopefully schedule a date to present The KALIB Project at your school, offered both in-person or a live-streamed virtual presentation.

For more information or to inquire about bringing The KALIB Project to your school please email


Dreaming is believing!

John W. Wells III

Author, Actor,

Producer, & Public Speaker

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—A Note  from the Author

For years, I served as a teacher in Southern California and dedicated much of my life, educating and encouraging students. While writing my debut novel, I had the privilege of sharing my work with my students, and I was encouraged by many who expressed an interest in writing and looked to my example to begin their own projects.

I recall a particular event, that often stays at the forefront of my thoughts. One,


Through The KALIB Project, John Wells has had the privilege of encouraging students from all walks of life, each time leaving an inspirational message and lasting impact. Check out what past participants have to say about this program:

"All I can say is I was super impressed - you're super kid-friendly - that's a big plus - your story of how you started - it's all really easy to understand and to relate to. Excellent work! Thanks for making me look good for inviting you."

                              —Lisa Dyson, 6th Grade Teacher, Jordan Middle School

"The KALIB Project captured the interests of many students at HHSA. When Mr. Wells presented at our school, he not only inspire them to write stories of their own but also showed them that it was okay to dream. For months after the presentation, students continued writing and sharing their stories. And at the end of the school year, several students voted The KALIB Project as their favorite memory from the year. The seeds planted that day and the work Mr. Wells is producing is a powerful force in fiction!" 

                              —Monica Mitchell, 3rd Grade Teacher, Harvest Hill STEAM Academy

"The Kalib Project was entertaining, inspirational, and informative and the students LOVED hearing from John! He interacted well with students of all ages and shared a very professional and exciting presentation, even over Zoom!"

                                        — Kelvyn Koning, Music Teacher, All Newton Music School

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